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Pretender Headquarters (PHQ) at LJ

If you're a Pretender, come sit by my fire....

Pretender Headquarters (jarod's haven...)
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
There are Pretenders among us...
Geniuses wil the ability to become anyone they want to be.

» about this group
We are here to provide you with a safe haven from the Centre and the PTBs (powers that be). All Pretenders a welcome to join! Posting and Commenting here requires approval for first time posters simply to help prevent spam posts. After your initial post, you will be approved as a member and a poster as long as your post is acceptable (ex. Pretender Fics, Art and related information). All spammers will be reported.

My thanks to faithoffdestiny for the screencaps that made our header possible!

What we hope to share here:
1. FanFiction: ficlets, full length stories, drabbles... anything you can think of. See Rules
2. Fan Art: icons, friends banners, wallpapers, mood themes, LJ styles, or LJ Layouts. See Rules
3. Videos: Fan created videos are always welcome! See Rules
4. Finds: Something about the Pretender such as Cast info, screen caps, anything Pretender is welcome.
» rules
1. We accept all kinds of Het pairings from G to M. We would prefer to remain slash free.

2. Fan Fiction is always welcome we just as that you make the subject look like this:
FIC: TITLE, [RATING], PAIRING IF ANY, 1/5 (1/5: meaning it is part 1 of 5 in the story.)

Also we ask that the beginning of your story have fic information:

Your actually story should be behing a lj-cut to help keep our abode clean and easy to scan through. I know this is a lot to ask but it makes going through stories easy.

3. We love your pictures and we love that you share them so...a few things:
Make the subject whatever your are sharing. Teasers are always welcome but as always the bulk of your gorgeous work should be behind an lj-cut.

4. Subjects for videos are going to be a lot like the fiction:
This we would like to know the basics:

Actual video like can be below the info for the video or if you are putting the vid direction on the LJ we ask you use a lj-cut.

5. Be nice. Jarod would be. Do not flame people.

6. Advertising isn't my favorite thing but when you find a great site we do want to know. A link to a community in a related post (ie you found info somewhere) is welcome... if you sign your name to a reply or post with a link to your communities I'm perfectly okay with that. I'd just rather not see a huge banner or post up for a community unless I okay it.

7. Please use the tag system.

8. All fan fiction will be archived in the Memories by author and rating.

9. Because of spam issues all first posts are moderated. If your post is Pretender related you will gain posting access quickly.