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02 August 2019 @ 12:22 pm
The newest version of the Pretender Headquarters site is currently down. It was being housed over at Weebly. They informed me I was violating their TOS. When I inquired about my infraction they gave me a reason with no evidence (because there was none). We I dug further I realized Weebly's free site policy had changed and they were essentially trying to get rid of large accounts. They removed the site from their systems without even giving me the site. Thankfully I have a lot of the content from the site so I will be able to rebuild but I don't really want to go through Weebly again and everything else is rather expensive. The free method I found requires me to build a site which is taking me time.

I'm sorry to the few people left going to the site though before it shut down it was getting a lot of traffic suddenly.
26 February 2015 @ 10:07 am
It would appear, sadly enough, that The Pretender isn't on Hulu anymore. All streaming at the PHQ site is broken and when I checked into it on Hulu I couldn't find any episodes.

Sad day. Apparently the PTBs have won.
06 March 2014 @ 10:25 am

The results are in and it's Option B: Burnt!
The PTB's have calculated the results of the poll, if you would like to see the breakdown check it out below (behind the cut).
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24 February 2014 @ 11:32 am

It is time to vote for the cover of Saving Luke.
Go to: Pretender Centre's Voting Page

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Title: Apocalypse
Author: phoenixnz
Characters: Clark, Lois, Jane, Oliver, Jarod, Parker, Angelo, Dean, Sam, Chloe, Zod, Justice League
Rating: Mostly R (for violence and sexual themes, although it starts off PG)
Genre: crossover fic (Smallville, Pretender, Supernatural)
Feedback: Is love
Art: ctbn60

Summary: Yet another sequel in the Smallville/Pretender 'verse, taking up where Redemption left off. Superman is about to face a dangerous enemy and it's going to take all of them to stop the apocalypse.

a/n: I started this story four years ago this month as the culmination of the series I had written chronicling the journey towards humanity for the female Pretender I created for my first foray into the Pretender fandom, Humanity which I wrote nearly five years ago. I had no idea the journey would take this long to complete but I have to say I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with.

So, without further ado, enjoy this last story in the series, the entirety of which is posted, in order, on AO3, so I won't list them here. However, if you would like to read them through my LJ, please PM me and I can give you the list of stories and the order.

Meantime, bring on the apocalypse.

Chapter One (of 59)
16 January 2014 @ 04:49 pm
Please help Jon Gries get answers we have all been waiting for by watching...

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